With milling, parts are cut from a four or six-sided bar stock or sheet stock material (though it can also be a cylindrical rod). The stock is fixtured to the bed of the machine and the features of the part are cut using a rotating tool such as a drill or endmill. With our 3-axis machine, the rotating tool translates relative to the part in the X, Y, and Z axes in any combination of the 3 axes simultaneously.


  • Haas VF-2YT Vertical Machining Center
    • 30”x20”x20”  
    • With 4th Axis Drive and Wiring
  • Haas SMM2 Vertical Machining Center
    • 20”x16”x14”
    • With 4th Axis Drive and Wiring
  • DMG Mori Vertical Machining Center
    • 43.3”x22”x20.1”
    • 55.1” Table Length
    • Simultaneous 4-axis machining